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A History of the Sterling Twist Drill Grinder

In the late 1800’s, Frank McDonough opened a small manufacturing plant with the intention of building custom made sawmill equipment that was better than anything being built at that time. Because he worked in a sawmill, he knew first hand what equipment improvements were needed. The mill was built on the banks of the Eau Claire River in a city now nicknamed “Sawdust City" because sawmilling was the main industry in the 1800’s when thirteen sawmills were in operation in Eau Claire. By the early 1930’s the virgin white pine was gone and so were the mills along the banks of the Eau Claire River. But Frank’s machinery manufacturing company survived and prospered. In the following years, until the start of the First World War, McDonough stayed busy, but cut-throat competition in the industry caused a gradual decline in sales.

During the war, McDonough contributed to the war effort by making machine tools at little or no profit as a sub-contractor for another manufacturer. It also acquired manufacturing rights to the Sterling Universal Tool Grinder. In 1939, as Manager of McDonough Manufacturing, John M. Kildahl anticipated the demand for machine tools and directed chief engineer Mr. J.H. Barnes to redesign the company’s line of Sterling Universal Tool Grinders and Cylindrical Grinders. Mr. Barnes also developed the Sterling Twist Drill Grinder. The demand for these grinders forced the company to concentrate on them and resulted in the shipment of hundreds of the grinders during a period from 1940 to 1945.

Drill Grinder sales continued but the Tool Grinder sales faded with the end of World War
II. In 1952, Robert K. Detjen, joined McDonough as Chief Engineer and began redesigning the company’s complete line of Band Resaws and Band Mills. He also redesigned McDonough’s line of Sterling Universal Tool and Cutter Grinders and the Sterling Twist Drill Grinder. By 1955 McDonough was making six sizes of Band Resaws, five sizes of Band Mills and three kinds of Drill Grinders.

With increasing demand for the Model “DV", McDonough began focusing their efforts and resources on that model. The Sterling Twist Drill Grinder, Model “DV" offers unmatched Capacity, Versatility, Precision and Simplicity. The “DV" sharpens 1/8" to 2-1/2" diameter drills, with 3" calibration available. It also has the versatility to sharpen 2, 3, and 4 flute drills with variable included angles of 90°, 100°, 110°, 118°, 130°, and 140°. There are no chucks, no collets, and no wrenches to bother with when sharpening different diameter drills.

Sterling Twist Drill Grinder by McDonough Manufacturing Company
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